Trainer Checklist

Trainer Protocol
Client books a session
• I get notification & let trainer know they’ve been selected

Client fills out medical history form?
• This is how trainer or health professional assess what kind of service they need & how to make a customized plan for client.

How do you start & end a session? 
• Review medical history form & goals before so you can plan the session 
• Arrive 10 min early in case you need to set up
• Always confirm if there any injuries or medications you need to know about before initial movement (EVEN IF you have reviewed their paperwork)
• START OF SESSION - 5-10 min warm up including range of motion in warm up, 5-10 min core circuit of choice, 30-40 min customized exercise program tailored to individual goals & needs and the last 5-10 min cool down & stretch. 

What do you say when you first interact with a client as trainer or health professional?
• Welcome to Fitness At Your Door, my name is ___, are ready for your transformation? 

How do you conduct yourself in a session? 
• Knowledgeable, motivating, punctual, professional, & lastly maintain the appropriate intensity of the workout.

How to communicate with a client ? 
• Never talk about sex, religion, or politics.  
• It’s inevitable that some clients will flirt with you, its all about how you handle it. 
• Be professional at all times, don’t engage in it and make it known you will get fired if it is anything more than business. 
• If it becomes uncomfortable for you, end the session early & report it to Fitness At Your Door and you will still be compensated for your services.
• Do not flirt or make sexual comments to your clients as this is subject to termination. 
• Because we are showing up at people’s homes, it is IMPERATIVE that we avoid any and all potential allegations of assault, sexual harassment or making your client feel uncomfortable in any way. 

How to identify when a client is tired or in pain
• Always be aware of clients fitness level, facial expressions & continuously monitor their RPE “ Rate of Perceived Exertion” on a scale of scale 1-10. 
• Always communicate if they feel pain instead of soreness or discomfort and their body is telling them to stop. This is a great way to judge if you should lower or raise intensity of workout. 

What if they don’t show?
• Wait 20 min before its considered a no show and if they do not show, you will still be compensated.

What if they are not satisfied with the service? 
• They get a full refund. 

Are there refunds? 
• Only in the case of trainer or health professional do not show or don’t abide by our code of conduct. 

What if they ask you to train out of our scope of services or online? 
• That is not allowed & against the contract of the company. You signed a non-compete & it also puts you in danger if anything were to happen. 

What do you do incase of emergency? 
• File a incident report with Fitness At Your Door and call 911.
• In the event of a suspected heart attack (including chest pain, change of color, paleness or radiating pain down the left arm), start chest compressions and call 911 immediately.

What happens if you’re late? 
• Showing up on time is a sign of respect and professionalism. You will get a 5-10 min window and being late three times is grounds for termination. 

What happens if they’re late? 
• Just explain to them that the session will still have to end the session on time.  

What happens if there is an injury?
• Fill out the incident report, take pictures and in case of emergency call 911. If there are signs of a heart attack & person is conscious, have them chew & swallow aspirin, get AED & call 911 immediately. If person is unconscious, begin chest compressions/CPR and call 911 immediately.

Ending the session
• Ask them how they feel. Upon response, make them feel confident about their hard work and ask when they want to take the next step on their transformation journey.

How do you document client sessions? 
• Keep track of sets, reps, weight, recovery time and style of training, as well as strengths & weaknesses. 
• Whether they train with you again or not, this creates a seamless experience for the next trainer.

5 star Rating system 
• At the end of your session, clients will be asked to rate you on the following — motivating, knowledgeable, punctual, professional and the intensity of workout. 

Selling the package?
• Let them know that if they want to purchase a package, have them go to your profile and book online or reach out to Fitness At Your Door for current specials.