Why should I hire a personal trainer or our other health professionals?


Personal trainers help you reach & exceed your fitness goals by designing customized experiences detailed to your needs while delivering it in a fun and engaging way. FAD professionals hold a high standard of care for our clients and we utilize the top professionals in their individual health fields to create a cost efficient, hassle free and convenient way of helping you achieve your personal goals.

We created FAD to make it possible to make the personal trainer experience accessible to everyone, not just celebrities or the wealthy.


Does Fitness at your door cost anything to join or use?


Fitness at your door is free for anybody to join our family. We want to create a healthy culture that promotes an overall healthy lifestyle. You only pay for the sessions that you book with health professionals. There are no initiation fees, membership dues, or hidden costs.


Do I have to belong to the gym in order to book a session?


No gym, no problem! Our job is to save you time in your hectic schedule. Our trainers create an engaging experience wherever you are. Our health professionals will bring the necessary equipment and tools with them to deliver your service at the highest level.



Do you offer complimentary sessions or consultations?


We want you going into the FAD experience with no doubts you best found the person who fits your expectations & goals to be reached -- that's why all health professionals on Fitness at your door offer a complimentary phone consultation once you book your first session. During this consultation your specialist will get to know you better and will ask about your goals, limitations, and any other information you'd like to share. 


To request your phone consult, just check the box in your pre-session questionnaire and the health professional will contact you to schedule. Please note your first session must be at least 48 hours in advance  in order to request a phone consult.


If you don’t feel that you’re a match with the specialist for any reason, you can cancel your session for a full refund.


Why was text removed from my message thread?


We remove text from messages when our system detects words or numbers that might include contact information. Communicating or paying outside Fitness at your door can put you at risk, so we do this to help protect you from potential online fraud.

We ask that you communicate only through the FAD messaging system until you have booked your first FAD session. After a session is booked your phone number and location will be shared with your trainer.

By communicating and booking directly through FAD, you’ll have access to our secure payments platform, 24/7 customer support, and your sessions will be covered by our insurance program.


How long do sessions last?


All sessions are 60 minutes long typically depending on the service you request. 


How much do trainers cost?


Our health professionals prices vary depending on the number of sessions you buy & credentials & experience.  Each specialist prices are listed in their profile.


What should i expect my experience to be like with fitness at your door ?


The health professional will be professional, punctual, greeting you with a smile. They should already know your needs to provide excellent service, but they will ask again so i they can safely & accurately provide services requested by you. Our aim is to be convienant on your time & leaving you mentally & physically better than we arrived.

How fast will I lose weight? see results?


Every person and body type is different, some genetically lose faster than others. It took you a certain amount of time to put on the weight, so you should account for that when losing it. 80% of weight loss is also in what you are consuming aka diet. Its not the 1 hour your training with FAD, it’s the 23 hours your not with me.

What should I do to prepare for a FAD workout?​

Hydrate 24 hours before and throughout the day. There is a misconception that drinking water before a workout is fine but that’s not proper hydration. Also eating a high protein meal before your workout will help keep you high energy during your workout with.

How do I maintain a healthy lifestyle?​

1. Eat healthy foods

2. laugh, find your stress reliever whether it be reading, playing a sport, or shopping.

3. Get sleep, rest is when your body recovers.

4. Exercise whether it be swimming, yoga or gym.

5. Pray, or meditate, and form healthy relationships with the people around you.

How much does it cost to train?​

I’d love for you to experience the first session free, so I can evaluate where you are physically and mentally with your fitness goals. We can talk on a phone consultation and see when we are going to begin your fitness journey the FAD way. How can you put a price on your health ?